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how to write effective inmail messages

How to write effective InMail

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Time to read: 3 minutes. Frustrated with LinkedIn InMail prospecting? Emails going un-responded to? I recently discovered how to write an effective InMail. You know, messages that get response. I’ll share how to provoke potential buyers to reply—by writing in a specific way. This gives you a response and the chance to qualify them. Here’s the technique and a few templates to get more response. Read More

How to use LinkedIn for your business

How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Prospects

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If you are a consultant looking to find new clients, LinkedIn is one of the best places to start. LinkedIn has created a unique opportunity to take professional networking online, so growing your client base is no longer stressful, and doesn’t have to require a lot of legwork. In this blog post, we will focus on learning how to use LinkedIn to find new clients. Read More

Tactics that work on linkedIn

LinkedIn marketing tactics that work

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Prediction: 95 percent of sales reps and distributors will invest time in LinkedIn best practices that fail to generate leads in 2016. Be sure you’re not one of them.

Most LinkedIn best practices for sales reps are not, in fact, best practices. They’re time-wasters. This is one of the most important insights I gleaned in 2016. That’s why I’m offering you five commonly recommended LinkedIn best practices to avoid in 2017. Read More